Saturday, January 06, 2007

2007... Wow... what a crazy thing to say it is already the new year... even though my computer conveniently adds in the correct year to my writings... it still feels unreal... as it will for a while.

I am slowly settling back into life in northern, vancouver climes... re-learning to bundle up in immense layers, wear socks at all times... including right before I practice or teach yoga... and running in the icy arctic windstorms that have been hitting us the past few days... especially in Tofino, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, where I even braved the waters for a short surf session last Saturday night, the 30th of Dec. 2006... weaning myself off quite quickly from the warm tropical waters of Costa Rica surf...

And warming up right after with a soak and hot tea... which brings me to my new, fun discovery... delicious, custom-blended teas by Tea in the Sahara... So far, I've sampled Geisha, which happens to be a sweet and subtle blend of Green Tea, Coconut, Pineapple, Cornflower & Rose blossoms... mmm... ; Pure, which is a white tea and tangerine concotion - Delicate and fragrant, white tea is known for it's high level of anti-oxidants, detoxifying and anti-aging properties
; and Chantilly Grey... a fragrant Earl Grey that hints of vanilla... and tastes absolutely delicious.

So Feliz Ano Nuevo... and I hope that if you are in cold climes that you are warm and cosy by a fireside, sipping some healthful tea and dreaming up the bounty that the new year holds for you!