Friday, April 11, 2008

What do chocolate mocca and yoga have in common.  Well... not much unless you're talking about the name of one of the vivid, Japanese inspired prints on Oona Sera's mat bags.  Made out of a strong cotton outer shell and lined in a water repellant inner lining, these mat bags are sturdy and resilient, not to mention beautiful. 

Shannon, Oona Sera's founder and designer has been looking, but to date has not found a suitable organic cotton fabric that can hold her eye-catching prints. She points out the resilience of the bags.   "For now my part in helping the environment is to make a bag that lasts, so there is no need to replace it every 6 months to a year." 

We're looking forward to walking to yoga with our chocolate mocca honey for many days to come.  

Oona Sera's Eco-Compatible mat bags are US $60.  You can purchase them here.