Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winter Cleansing

Getting cooler here, supposed to drop down to 1 degree tonight.

Time to really fortify your immune system and not succumb to all the bugs out there. Here's an article I wrote about cleansing in the fall - winter for myyogaonline, an interesting site.

So, it is that intermittent season, autumn, replete with rain and dampness. The perfect time to reminisce about summer, to catch that cold that is going around, (the constant temperature variations do not help); and to begin to accept the inevitable approach of winter.

The fluctuations of late fall and early winter also make it an optimum time to go on a detoxifying dietary cleanse. It is easier in this season, say most streams of alternative medicine, to change our habits and inject new life into our tired routines.

Simply put, a cleanse can give your body a short break from the effort it expends digesting food (40% of your body’s energy goes into digestion-that’s a lot) and instead, divert some of that energy into expelling toxins and healing.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Montreal "Magique"

So, dear reader, you probably don't know this about me... but I have a secret love affair with all things French... well, it dates to my childhood in India and having French cousins, who would visit Bombay in the summers and in this surreal, smooth language... and I so wanted to know what they were saying...

Well, it's a bit of that and a bit of spending a lot of time over the years in France and feeling, truly
feeling like I always left a little part of me behind. Well France has not been on my "plan des voyages" for some time now... but I do live in a francophone country - one of the reasons I chose to move here au Canada - and this past weekend, I finally had my real taste of la belle ville Montreal. We were there to teach some workshops at Centre Luna Yoga in vieux Montreal.

Here's some of my top Montreal picks from our 3 day, 3 night weekend... And you thought all yogis did was meditate and drink chai... hmmm

Stay at the Opus hotel: an old-world meets hipster boutique hotel in a very central location at Sherbrooke and St. Laurent. I love the architecture which incorporated the old heritage structure which has so much charm.

wasn't too crazy about the red colour of our room. a little too cold, this red.

walk: up the mild end. up st. laurent and down st. denis. so many great stores, restaurants, kosher delis, cafes and more.

to mont-royal park. i finally did this on our last evening there. enjoy spectacular views of the city from the mountain and join in on the tam-tam drumming and dancing fest if you happen to go on a sunday evening as we did.

at the opus's koko lounge, which serves up a great breakfast. you won't believe the strawberry-banana jam (i know, but trust me) it is delicious.

at dinner, Koko is filled with montreal's "bold + beautiful" crowd, vying for the bartender's attention. we sampled some of the asian inspired cuisine. Koko's agedashi tofu arrived atop a bed of delicious veggies and i was in heaven.

go where the montreal vegan-ese go and eat at eaux-vivre. a casual, friendly and chicly designed vegan restaurant, also on St. Laurent. Try their dragon bowl and coco-banana smoothie. Yum.

in a pinch, you can also eat at local health food store Rachelle Berry where we found some good organic carrot soup and raw banana bread. I also found a great locally made brand of kombucha that was not too sweet.

Escape to Morocco and Bali with a signature massage at Espace Nomad, which is across eaux vivre. this was definitely the eco-chic neighbourhood of the city. I would have stayed at Espace longer if we hadn't had to leave to teach a yoga workshop - oops that is why we were here after all.

Practice yoga at Centre Luna: this light-filled, high-ceilinged studio in Vieux Montreal is run by the lovely Jennifer Maagendans, who has created a community of sweet, like-minded souls. We enjoyed the space and all the good people it attracted.

the awesome folks at Ascent Magazine or practice at their glorious Ra'dha Yoga Studio. On Gilford Avenue. If you're interested in the socio-cultural aspects of yoga and spirituality and the green movement, read Ascent. It is intelligent, inspiring and beautifully designed publication.

is a Canadian chain but their Montreal store had a huge selection of their sweater dresses, tunics and skirts. Located on Saint Laurent, it was hipster heaven with a sustainable spin. I bought a gorgeous sweater dress pieced together with some cosy, old sweaters.

Eco-Darling: On Villeneuve, a beautiful eco-home design store that is a partnership with Sarah Hanneman's roccoco-vintage designs. Find recycled and sustainable objets d'art for your home here.
moroccan green mint tea, poured the traditional way at Rumi, a Sufi inspired, middle-eastern restaurant where the soft lighting and mellow vibe make you want to read the rubbaiyaat of omar khayyam.
5198, Hutchison Street, Montreal, QC