Thursday, January 08, 2009

Have a Compassionate New Year
I love the new year, especially our collective emphasis on redefining and refining our lives. Sometimes it can be challenging to slow down amidst the onward and upwards momentum of this time and I turn to my yoga practice with the intention of staying grounded. Eating simply also helps, as does creating a sacred space in my home in which to feel at ease.

I found plenty of visual inspiration to create a sacred space at The Art of Compassion, a new art gallery / performing venue nestled in the heart of downtown on Richard's and Hastings. The small yet spacious, minimalist space features authentic Tibetan Thangkas, mandalas and other divine art.

If you allow yourself to be lured in by the subtle scent of incense and warmth, you will enjoy a few moments of peace, marveling at the intricacy, iridescence and depth of each painting. You may also want to take one home.

Art of Compassion

438 Richards
Vancouver, BC

Tel: 604 779 4040

Open everyday (except Sunday) 11am – 6pm


Anonymous said...

these thankas are so detailed. you have to see them in person... give yourself some time. have some tea..

and go to gorilla foods below for a tasty smoothie after.

yogue said...

totally agree! i wrote a piece on gorilla foods last month. love it! you guys are a little beacon of consciousness in downtown vancouver.

rosalee said...

ahhh... the new year! thanks for writing about the Art of Compassion, I definitely want to check it out. Sounds like a gem!